10 Brilliant Ideas For Your Essay: How To Write An Excellent Paper

Whether you are applying to an Ivy League college or one in your own community, the essay portion of your application is vital. It not only lets you introduce yourself to the administration board but it can speak volumes about your personality, education and sensibilities. However, coming up with a topic can be stressful. Check out these 10 brilliant ideas from My Essay Geek for your essay to help get those creative juices flowing.

Personal Essays

Personal essays are a great way of sharing a moment or time in your life that had a great significance or impact on you. It allows the reader to catch a glimpse of who you are or the person you have the potential of becoming. The topics in this category are vast and include;

  • A moment that changed who you are
  • What the world will be like a hundred years from now
  • A right or wrong choice in your life
  • A book that made a great impact on your lif
  • If you could have a do-over

When writing a personal essay be sure to be honest and don’t over exaggerate your accomplishments. Present yourself as an individual, someone who stands out from the thousands of other applicants. And most importantly, be likeable. The college is looking for students that will fit in and enhance their campus, not become a nuisance.

Argumentative Essays/Persuasive Essays

The world is full of controversy so a good argumentative/persuasive essay can show your thoughts in a unique and powerful way. Before you begin writing this type of essay, be sure to research out your chosen topic. Collecting all the facts before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard is vital to keeping yourself on track and presenting a logical “argument.” Some hot argumentative/persuasive topics can include;

  • When or should testing on animals be used?
  • Should polygamy be legalized?
  • Is plastic surgery destroying or enhancing beauty?
  • What do you think about gay marriage?
  • Prove that blondes really are smart

The keys to an effective argumentative/persuasive essay is to present your facts, defend your point-of-view and conclude in a logical manner, not an emotional standpoint.

Regardless of what topic you choose to write about be sure to stay on topic, watch the mechanics of writing and the natural flow of your essay. Nothing would be worse than having a fantastic topic, then losing out because your essay did not have a clear direction. And most of all (and perhaps the most difficult) is to relax and have fun with it. Finding your passion for a topic or one you can directly relate to will make your writing task easier and far more rewarding.

Vital Things To Remember Creating An Essay About Air Pollution

An air pollution essay can be quite a simple task if you just have an approach that has already proven to work for a variety of other students. You might even begin to see that such a piece of content can be achieved with the minimal amount of effort if you just have the correct way of doings things. There is so much that you can learn and to help you make the right preparations ahead of time here are some tips given by writing specialists on working on an air pollution essay:

  1. Concentrate on a case study
  2. As a case study you can select a city around the world that receives a lot of air pollution and write about it. You can write about the volume of the pollution and how it affects the population that resides within the city. This would be a fascinating piece that can be completed in a very easy manner. You just need to figure out what city you’d like to complete the work on. Perhaps there is one that you like more so than others. There are plenty of cities around the world that receive extreme amounts of air pollution so this topic should not be a big problem.

  3. Freelance writer
  4. You always have the option to go with a freelance writer to get the work done on your behalf for a fee that isn’t going to put too much of a dent in your wallet. You might even figure out that you can use their services for a large number of projects, so make sure to keep their contact details via several forms of communication. Most writers would be more than happy to form a long lasting relationship with a client.

  5. Grammar is key
  6. No matter the nature of the topic you’ll be working on the grammar quality must remain high. You cannot sacrifice this one thing because it will come back to haunt you in the future. Just try to think of the grammar as something that is essential whenever you write. By taking it more seriously you’ll find yourself improving it on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you need a personal tutor to improve your grammar then there should be no hesitation in hiring one. There are plenty online that you can take advantage of for a price that isn’t going to be too much.

Essay Example On The Role Of Media In Social Reforms

Currently, the media is an important and crucial role in social reformation. Many nations have allowed the freedom of the media. Notably, the media has a way of getting to the people, and thus influencing social changes as well as social innovations. A lot of information gets to the people through the media. The media can support and introduce new ideas of self and community improvements to the people. At the same time, they introduce new knowledge on various issues to bring about improvements in areas where people lag behind. Previously, the media has been used to reach the people especially in rural areas to discourage unhealthy habits and behavior and thus improving wellbeing. However, the effects of the media on the social reforms and changes are dependent on the quality of information the media provides. Also, the media provides answers and feedback to the policy makers about issues that are existent in the communities. Therefore, the way social reforms occur in a country is to some extent dependent on whether the media plays its role effectively or not.

The Media as a Watchdog

Currently, every nation faces serious challenges and threats. The policy makers and agenda-setters may sometimes be reluctant to address some social issues leading to injustices. The media reports such occurrences to the people. It is from such a point that the people may demand changes. The media provides feedback to policymakers about the demands and grievances of the people. If the policy makers are reluctant to act on the needs and demands, the media can pressure for reforms by continually addressing the issues. The media can expose issues such as social injustices, unemployment, insecurity and corruption among others. This thus calls for changes and reforms. At the same time, they provide feedback to the citizens on the developments and policies initiated by the government and other institution. The media thus enhances policy-making.

The importance of Media Involvement in Social Reforms

Social reforms are essential in every society as they promote well-being, security, and peace. The media acts as a link between the governments and the citizens. It is a platform through which citizens make their grievances and provide feedback to the agenda-setters. At the same time, the media still provides feedback to the policy makers on what communities need and how they feel about developments and also crisis. In general, the involvement of the media in social reforms is crucial and critical towards a nation’s development.

Basic Elements To Include In An Essay On Corruption In The US

There is a fair amount of corruption in the US, but creating a project on that subject should be done with a specific idea in mind otherwise you run the risk of not having focus and your project will seem as if it is all over the place. So with that in mind here are a few suggestions that must be considered if you are to get a bit of clarity before you go ahead and begin your work.

Political corruption

One of the main areas of corruption that you can concentrate your efforts on is the political corruption. There have been a lot of examples that have shown corruption to take place. There are a number of ways that you can tackle the presenting of case studies. One of the approaches is that you need to use only one and go into a lot of depth. On the other hand, you can use a large number of case studies can go through them one by one in a light manner. Whatever you do try to be consistent with your approach so that it is evident you have planned the work ahead of time.

Corruption in sports

Lots of fascinating corruption in sports stories are out there to be tackled. For example the National Football League is being very tricky about the concussion problem, and you can do an up to date piece on that. There are plenty of news articles out there that can be used to get the end result in a short period of time. Just make sure that you use news websites that have the best credentials so that you can trust the facts presented in the content.

Have it done for you

If you don’t feel up to the task of doing this project then it is a big possibility to have it written for you. This is a great idea when you feel overwhelmed or are running out of time with more important projects.
Those of you that are fortunate enough to find a company or freelancer that is of great value for money spent then keep their contact details. By doing this you’ll be given the option to use their services at some point in the future.

The Rise And Fall Of The US Economy: Essay Example For Students

The USA was rich in the supply of natural resources including coal and oil. Thus, America became a strong economic power in the 20th century. In the 1920s, the industrial growth experienced a boom.

How Prosperity Affects the American Society

The major increase was in the new industry of chemicals, cars, and electricity. The introduction of electricity in homes brought a huge expansion of the industries. Moreover, the car industry played a major role. It was the car that changed America leading to the construction of roads and new suburbs. The American people’s lifestyle changed to a great extent. There is also a series of factors that contributed to the rise of the American economy:

  • First World War coming up with new technologies;
  • Confidence as people decided to invest more money;
  • Core Goods as goods were not imported from aboard because the country was rich in supplies;
  • Credit Use because money was used for investment in stock market and buying more goods was done by money borrowed;
  • New Technology as the major development was in the industry of electricity;
  • Advertising new goods led to the industry of selling through catalogues.

The Fall and its Immediate Effects

There were financial experts who gave warnings that the American economy was on the verge of slowing in September 1929. Many investors sold shares in large amounts because they went into panic. A huge number of banks closed, the American people lost their savings, and they also lost hope for their future. People were no longer able to buy cars or clothes. People’s wages were also cut and unemployment reached high levels. This was the beginning of the Great Depression of the 1930s. More factors had been contributed to the fall of the US economy:

  1. Too much credit because the economy was dependent upon credit leading to too many loans for people;
  2. Loss of confidence in the stock market and the whole economy;
  3. Speculation as people borrowed money to buy shares which they sold in the end;
  4. Inequality because wealth was not distributed equally through the whole economy;
  5. Overproduction because industries were producing an increasingly large amount of goods;
  6. Less food was sold as the demand for goods from other countries fell because other countries had their own products on the market;
  7. Many small banks with the Wall Street Crash had to close and their customers were left without money.

A Complete Tutorial On Composing A Scholarship Essay About Career Goals

A career goals scholarship essay is a project that can cause you to think about your own goals. However, if you are to get such a piece of work done in a correct manner, then take into account the info that’s going to be presented in the content below. It has already helped many students get such a project right and you will be the next one.

  1. What are your own career goals?
  2. Before you being this type of project you need to cinder your own career goals and only by doing that will you enable yourself to have the material that’s required to get this right. This type of project might even be beneficial to you, because it will give you a better understanding of what direction you are going to go in the future. So if you are not sure about your career goals thus far you need to carefully think about them before you move forward.

  3. Goals can change
  4. Keep in mind that career goals can change and they do not have to be set in stone. Therefore, if you are having trouble with them plot some down, and you can change them at a later date.
    It is advisable that the goals you work on will be ambitious, because there is no sense to giving yourself average or even below average goals to aim for. So be adventurous, so that the goals you have to aim for are somewhat inspiring to achieve.

  5. What will it take to get there?
  6. Perhaps you should create a section in your scholarship essay about what it will take to actually complete the career goals. Be realistic when doing this section, and you show to the reader that you have thought carefully about the subject matter.

  7. Look at other similar pieces of work
  8. When in doubt regarding how to proceed it always helps to learn by example. So do take the time to check out a few samples that are lying around the internet where other students have written work on the subject of their career goals.

However, don’t copy other student’s work as that is against the rules and even if you think you won’t, there is a good chance you’ll get caught.

Academic Paper Template Discussing Natural Decay in Art

In the 20th century, most artists used materials that seemed new and familiar to them. Therefore, they lacked the chance or opportunity to foresee the degree and the speed of decay that their work was likely to undergo. For this reason, most of the artwork done during this time had just a fraction of the lifespan the previous or earlier periods. However, at the same time, some of the artists used decay as a theme in their work. However, the issue of depicting and showing decay intentionally was controversial, since most of the artists were struggling with ways and means of preserving their work from decaying.

Preventing Natural Decay

To start with, the preservation of artwork objects had two major aspects. One of the aspects was to preserve the materials that had been used in making the objects, whereas the second one was to preserve the original intended meaning of the artwork. While these two remain the areas of focus in the preservation process, challenges arise in some instances. The intentional uses of materials that undergo natural processes of change in the near future bring about the question of the importance of work in the first place, and even the importance of the preservation process. This shows that artists were intentionally showing and introducing decay in their work. Introducing decay seems like a means of emphasizing the need to preserve both material and meaning of artwork. Some of the artists that were made of materials like sugar cannot be disregarded just because the material has undergone decay. This is because food has been increasingly used in artwork since the 1960s. At the same time, the transformation that may occur in such work should be regarded as beauty created by the decay process. Also, the topic of decay was a center of interest for some artists for example Dieter Roth.

Dieter Roth and Natural Decay

Dieter Roth was among the most diverse artists, being a painter, publisher, musician, designer, and sculptor. He was mainly interested in both collecting and archiving work. However, he had difficulties when it came to the conservation processes of the works. He even had sculptors that had been made from edible items including bread, chocolate, yogurt, sugar as well as spices and mince. Apparently, the decay of such substances occurs with time. While he observed the changes in the work, he appreciated the changes in shape, color as well as the molding as a part of creation.

A List Of Controversial Essay Questions On To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the best books out there and if you have a controversial essay questions on the assignment then it will be challenging. However, are you stuck with coming up with a question that you feel is challenging enough? Then you’d benefit by taking a peek at the list of possible questions below. They are all related to the book, and offer some great choice for those of you that appear to be a little stuck.

  1. Why do you think this book is a great one to be made into a movie?
  2. What character of the book do you feel needs a little tweaking to be perfect?
  3. What are the top 3 books that are related to this one in terms of style and quality?
  4. How the opening chapter be changed to provide a greater deal of mystery?
  5. How can the ending of the book be altered so that there is a greater depth of mystery?
  6. If you were to add a chapter after the middle section of the book what would it be about?
  7. What chapter of the book do you feel lacks the most value?
  8. What type of character does the book need and why?
  9. What can be done to improve the setting the book is crated in?
  10. How can the main character change to achieve their objectives in a better way?
  11. What would the story look like if it was set in 2016?
  12. Do you think this kind of book will be written again in the future by another writer?
  13. What can we learn from this book in terms of morality?
  14. Is there any educational value to reading this book?
  15. What are the main types of lessons one can learn by reading this book?
  16. If you were to change the title of the book, then what would it be?
  17. In your opinion what should the front cover of this book look like?
  18. Do you feel that this book should be read by all students of high school?
  19. Is this a great book to be a project about for 5th grade students?
  20. What are the main drawbacks of this book?
  21. What are the main selling points of this great historical piece of literature?

The Success Of The Iranian Revolution: A Brilliant Essay Template

The Iranian Revolution (Islamic Revolution) consisted of events that involved the overthrowing of the Pahlavi dynasty which was being supported by the United States and its replacement by the United States. The dynasty was being led by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. The dynasty was eventually replaced with a National Republic that was headed by the leader of this revolution, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was supported by Islamists and also Leftist organizations. Besides, the Iranian students’ movements supported this revolution. October 1977, marked the commencing or start of the demonstrations with the aim of overthrowing the Shah. The demonstrations later turned and developed to be civil resistance. The resistance included both religious as well as secular groups and elements. Towards the end of the year 1978, demonstrations and also strikes had paralyzed the nation. On January 19, the following year, the Shah fled to exile. The duties of the Shah were taken over by the council and an opposition-based prime minister. Later in April 1979, a national referendum was help in Iran and the country and became an Islamic Republic. A new constitution was also approved. In December 1979, Khomeini became the Supreme Leader of the nation. This was a critical and vital change in the nation.

How was the Iranian Revolution?

This revolution was unlike several other revolutions that had taken place in other regions in the world. To start with, it did not have customary causes. The war occurred in this nation while it was enjoying peace and prosperity as well as producing positive changes rapidly. This nation had been massively popular but resulted in the exile of several Iranians. This revolution was relatively non-violent in nature and thus acted and helped in the redefining the implications and meaning of modern nature. However, there was reported violence after the revolution. The war was a success as the nation became an Islamic Republic.

The Achievements of the Revolution

To start with, the Shah regime had become increasingly brutal and corrupt. Therefore, the people were feeling oppressed. The revolution thus brought an end to the oppression and brutality. At the same time, Iran had a new constitution which was approved after a successful referendum. This means that in a way, the people had an opinion in the governance of their country. For these reasons, the revolution is considered to have led to several successful changes in Iran.

7 Basic Rules Of Writing A High School Explanatory Essay

The process of creating a high school explanatory essay should be interesting, and if it is something that you are doing for the first time then it will be a new experience for you. There are some basic rules that must be adhered if you are going to achieve some decent level of success in the work that you are doing. If there rules are ignored then you will be disappointed in the quality of the end result. So with that notion on mind here are 7 basic rules that following will be to your advantage if you want your high school explanatory essay to be a success:

  1. Titles must be up to date: many pieces of work will have already bee completed on whatever topic you are studying. A way to ensure that the examiner takes a look at something fresh is to work on a fresh title. This can be done by visiting websites and blogs which have up to date info.
  2. Thesis statement: a high quality thesis statement that’s easy to understand must be included in the introduction portion of the work.
  3. Formatting: getting the formatting right is more science than art, which means you’ll need to look at sample project to get an idea of how this can be achieved.
  4. Grammar: get the grammar right if the project is going to look professional. At times the grammar might be so poor that the examiner is hesitant to award a top grade. So proofread the work carefully before you hand it in for inspection.
  5. Editing phase: ensuring that you edit the work once it is complete in a logical manner can push the grade only upwards. A professional proofreader can help you with this phase.
  6. Deadline: once you have done the assignment ensure the deadline is met. Otherwise you’ll receive a downgrade, unless you ask for an extension if you need one.
  7. Get extra help: if you feel like you need the services of a tutor or some other help then don’t hesitate to hire it. There is no shame in getting the extra help that is required to land the kind of grade you can be proud of at the end of it all.