Essay Example On The Role Of Media In Social Reforms

Currently, the media is an important and crucial role in social reformation. Many nations have allowed the freedom of the media. Notably, the media has a way of getting to the people, and thus influencing social changes as well as social innovations. A lot of information gets to the people through the media. The media can support and introduce new ideas of self and community improvements to the people. At the same time, they introduce new knowledge on various issues to bring about improvements in areas where people lag behind. Previously, the media has been used to reach the people especially in rural areas to discourage unhealthy habits and behavior and thus improving wellbeing. However, the effects of the media on the social reforms and changes are dependent on the quality of information the media provides. Also, the media provides answers and feedback to the policy makers about issues that are existent in the communities. Therefore, the way social reforms occur in a country is to some extent dependent on whether the media plays its role effectively or not.

The Media as a Watchdog

Currently, every nation faces serious challenges and threats. The policy makers and agenda-setters may sometimes be reluctant to address some social issues leading to injustices. The media reports such occurrences to the people. It is from such a point that the people may demand changes. The media provides feedback to policymakers about the demands and grievances of the people. If the policy makers are reluctant to act on the needs and demands, the media can pressure for reforms by continually addressing the issues. The media can expose issues such as social injustices, unemployment, insecurity and corruption among others. This thus calls for changes and reforms. At the same time, they provide feedback to the citizens on the developments and policies initiated by the government and other institution. The media thus enhances policy-making.

The importance of Media Involvement in Social Reforms

Social reforms are essential in every society as they promote well-being, security, and peace. The media acts as a link between the governments and the citizens. It is a platform through which citizens make their grievances and provide feedback to the agenda-setters. At the same time, the media still provides feedback to the policy makers on what communities need and how they feel about developments and also crisis. In general, the involvement of the media in social reforms is crucial and critical towards a nation’s development.