Sample Essay On The War On Drugs In The United States

The issue of drug addiction in the United States is a huge and challenging issue for the economy and the public health sector. A huge part of the nation’s population are either currently involved in drug use and abuse whereas some are former addicts who are now recovering. The problem has had several implications for the different sectors in the nation. For instance, it has increased the burden of illnesses and diseases among the Americans. At the same time, the problem is linked to increased unemployment, as well as a cause of financial constraints in families. Besides, incarceration rates, as well as road accidents, have been caused by drug use in this nation. Apparently, the drug use and addiction have huge impacts on both the health sectors as well as the economy. At the same time, several social problems have resulted to the drug addiction and use in the country. Some of the social issues and problems include financial problems, family breakdowns, accidents as well as violence and child abuse. Other effects are the loss of employment and reduced productivity.

The War

The United States is struggling with the issue of drug use and abuse among the population. It is considered a priority and is dealt with as a serious public health issue. It has affected the access and provision of appropriate health care services, the prison populations and at the same time, the treatment of drug addiction. Despite the increased commitment by the government to fight and reduce drug use in the United States, the rates of drug use and abuse have remained high over the last 25 years. In the United States, the use and trafficking of illegal or prohibited drugs is a federal crime and is thus punishable by law. For years, many people have served jail terms for the use, sale and trafficking of illegal substances. However, this has not changed the statistics of drug use and abuse in the United States. Therefore, the system seems to have failed in a way. There has been a shift in policy formulation to reverse the situation. More focus and funds are being directed to the treatment of persons with addiction issues to save lives and change habits and behavior.

Changes in Policy

In the health sector, health insurers in Obamacare, have to cover treatment for drugs. At the same time, there has been the slaking down of the drug sentence and thus reducing the number of federal prisoners by about 15%.